Stephanie Connell


We first attended the polish open in 2014 as a small squad and liked it so much that we returned in 2015 with a much bigger squad! Both times the organisers have been very helpful, ensuring we had appropritate transfers and accommodation. We were impressed by the competition venue, it was modern with plenty of room for 6 tatamis, good warm-up space and good seating for spectators. The standard of competition was high across all age and weight categories for both Kata and Kumite and its nice to see so many EKF and WFK officials on the mat referreing and judging. The competition is extremely well run, with caterogies starting at the scheduled times, draws made well in advance, and good live stream coverage. The altheletes loved the podium, a nice reward for their hard work!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Polish Open in 2016!
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